Entrust Personal
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Entrust Personal

Entrust SMIME Personal certificates are particularly suitable for use with private email addresses. With SMIME Personal certificates you can secure your e-mail communication through end-to-end encryption and protect yourself against data alteration and the loss of sensitive information.

Through the digital signature and encryption of SMIME Personal certificates, you also benefit from the highest security standards in online communications and ensure your messages have not been modified in transit.
Entrust Personal SMIME certificates are easy to order and can be issued in minutes. These popular certificates have a  fair price and are therefore ideal as a starting point for private individuals.
The most important key facts in summary:
• Enable users to digitally sign and encrypt emails and attachments
• Ensure private, authenticated email communication
• Establish trust between email clients and browsers, preventing annoying trust dialogs
• Enable digital signatures which prove the origin of emails and guarantee the integrity of their content
See for yourself - keep your e-mail communication secure and confidential with Entrust’s SMIME Personal certificates!



  • Certificate Authority: Entrust
  • Sitz der CA: USA
  • Class 1
  • Validierungstyp: Domain Validation
  • Ausstellungszeitraum*: 10 min
  • Eintrag im Zertifikat: E-Mail-Adresse
  • Root-Zertifikat: Entrust Root Certification Authority - G2
  • Signatur Hashalgorithmus: SHA-2
  • Validierung: Verifizierung der E-Mail-Adresse
  • CSR: browserbasiertes CSR
  • Abdeckung Maildienste: Microsoft Outlook 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, MAC OS X Mail, Apple Mail, Eudora, iOS, Android
* nach erfolgreicher Prüfung Ihres Auftrags


Schnelle Ausstellung
Nutzung für Privatpersonen
Kostenloser Austausch



1. Validierung der E-Mail-Adresse

A) Bitte bestätigen Sie die E-Mail, die an die E-Mail-Adresse des Zertifikatsinhabers gesendet wird.

WICHTIG:  Zur Einrichtung eines E-Mail-validierten Zertifikats sind keine weiteren Nachweise oder Dokumente notwendig, abgesehen von der Existenz der E-Mail-Adresse. Daher erfolgt die Ausstellung vergleichsweise schnell.