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How do I install an S/MIME certificate in Outlook?

Open Outlook and select “Options” under “File”.


Öffnen Sie Outlook und wählen Sie unter „Datei“ den Punkt „Optionen“.

Now the Outlook Options window opens. There you select the “Trust Center” and click the “Trust Center Settings” button.

Nun öffnet sich das Outlook-Optionen Fenster. Dort wählen Sie das „Trust Center“ aus und klicken auf den Button „Einstellungen für das Trust Center“.

In the next window “Security Center” select “Email Security” on the left.

S/MIME - Sicherheit

In the right section of the “Digital IDs (certificates)” area please select “Import/Export”, in the window that opens now go to “Browse”.

Please select the correct certificate and confirm with “OK”. Now you will be taken back to the “Import/Export Digital ID” view, where please enter the password you assigned during the export process from Firefox. Then give the S/MIME certificate a name and confirm with “OK”.

S/MIME - Digitale ID importieren/exportieren

Now your certificate has been imported into Outlook and you can select it under “Encrypted e-mail messages” via the “Set settings” button for the e-mail address.

Verschlüsselte E-Mail Nachrichten

Now you should see the certificate that you have just installed under “Signing certificate” and “Encryption certificate”. If this is not the case, you still have to select the certificate via the “Select” button.

Sicherheitseinstellungen ändern

Windows Sicherheit

Please enter a suitable name (e.g. your e-mail address) under “Name of the security setting” and confirm the window with “OK”.

Optional setting

Under “Encrypted e-mail messages”, activate the item “Add digital signature to outgoing messages” and confirm with “OK”. From now on, your certificate will sign all your e-mails.

Ausgehenden Nachrichten digitale Signatur hinzufügen

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