We do not recommend creating a CSR via Confixx and instead advise you to create the CSR directly according to the Apache instructions.

The reasons for this are:

  • the forced redirection to https that exists in older Confixx versions, which is not always intended and can often only be deactivated by direct manipulation of the Confixx database,
  • in older Confixx versions the import of a possible intermediate certificate can only be done by an admin via httpd special or by the root user via httpd.conf,
  • only one domain within a web package can be equipped with SSL,
  • all other domains of the web package also receive the different IP address. This means on the one hand that the DNS has to be updated, but on the other hand that if you try to enter any of the other domains with the prefix https://, you will end up at exactly that one SSL web and on the other hand you will get a different IP address.
  • the possible future deactivation of the SSL function is quite cumbersome.

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