If you want to protect a shop site, our Silver and Platinum product lines are the most suitable in most cases. The choice between Silver and Platinum depends on the higher coverage of older browsers and mobile devices. The larger your shop is, the more likely it is that a visitor with an older browser will access your shop, in case of doubt check your web statistics according to these details. If you want a green address bar and the direct display of your identity in the browser, we recommend our Extended Validation certificates, which you can find under „Special Solutions“ and are currently only available for organizations with an entry in a public register.

We recommend Lite, Bronze and Limitbreaker if you have an intranet site that is not public, so that you can dispense with the identity verification of the „higher“ product lines. In this case, the Limitbreaker product line gives you the highest possible coverage of a weakly validated certificate, making it particularly suitable for mobile-accessed sites. The coverage of bronze is somewhat weaker, but the products are less pricy and also available as wildcard SSL certificates. Lite is suitable if you know the expected visitors and you can assume that they either use the listed browsers or that an error message from an unsupported browser does not interfere further. This usually applies to administrative accesses such as Confixx or Plesk.

Soon we will offer a selection assistant, of course we are happy to advise you in detail by phone, web or e-mail.

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