Do you need an SSL/TLS certificate? We will explain the technical requirements:

For a new SSL/TLS certificate, you need a Certificate Signing Request (CSR), created in advance with at least 2048 bits on your server. If you use a hosting offer, please check in advance whether you have sufficient rights to generate the certificate request yourself or whether you need to request your hosting provider for this.

In addition, the domain to be certified (top-level domain, not a local domain) should belong to you and have e-mail access to the domain to be certified, such as admin@, administrator@, hostmaster@, postmaster@ or webmaster@; alternatively, e-mail access via the e-mail address from the WHOIS is also permitted.

If this is not possible, access to the web server for hash validation is also possible.

For further questions please contact our support team at +49 661 480 276 10.

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