Domain names that are a gTLD or ccTLD listed on IANA but not registered by or under the control of the applicant will be rejected in all cases. This applies to .int as an internal domain and others.

Available for internal use and SSL certificates:

  1. The following IP blocks are defined as private and are not routed over the Internet. They can be used for internal purposes: – – –
    See: RFC1918 ( )
  2. Single server names without domain extension, for example:
    file server
  3. The following TLDs, which are listed in RFC2606 ( ) and are intended for internal use:

All other non-reserved TLD domain names included in a certificate application will be checked on a case-by-case basis, but most likely rejected.


(a) Since July 1, 2012, the CA / Browser Forum ( has agreed not to further support the use of certificates containing reserved IP addresses or internal server names and to discontinue it completely by October 2016. With immediate effect (July 1, 2012), Comodo will no longer issue any new certificates with a term longer than November 1, 2015 and which refer to internal names or addresses in the (SAN) subjectAlternativeName or (CN) CommonName. As of October 1, 2016, Comodo will withdraw all expired certificates that contain internal addresses or names in SAN or CN.

(b) If you use an internal TLD that is not currently a valid TLD, such as the above, you may use it for your internal purposes in the Certificate Application. However, if such a TLD is listed on IANA/ICANN, its certificate will be withdrawn without prior notice. Before the certificate can be issued again, you must confirm the domain ownership

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