If you have purchased your certificate from us, we will of course exchange your SHA-1 certificate for a SHA-2-signed certificate free of charge. To make the exchange as easy as possible for you, we have created a SHA-2 exchange website.

All you need is a newly generated CSR and your order number. If you are using an Apache server or Plesk, you can reuse the existing CSR.

If you want to use the existing SHA-1 and the new SHA-2 certificate in parallel in order not to block users with older browsers, you can also do this with Apache servers. How to configure the dual operation can be found in our manual.

After the exchange you will receive a new SSL certificate signed with SHA-2 from us. Please also remember to exchange the new intermediate certificates on your server, also signed with SHA-2, which we will send you with your SSL certificate. If you do not do this, the browser will inform you that your SSL certificate has been issued by an untrusted authority.


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