We offer client and e-mail certificates at 0 EURO for 30 days, 19 EURO for 1 year, 29 EURO for 2 years, 39 EURO for 3 years, 49 EURO for 4 years and 59 EURO for 5 years. The certificates are personal and are always issued to one person and e-mail address. To order we need your complete address incl. contact person, state, telephone and fax number as well as a corresponding proof of identity (copy of the excerpt from the commercial register, proof of trade or identity card or passport). We will then send you the order link immediately. Please inform us as soon as you have submitted your order so that we can release it immediately.

If you need a larger number, you may be interested in our EPKI (for certificates for one organization) or reseller program (for certificates for different organizations, in which case you will receive an API interface description from us for implementing the ordering process on your website).

In both programs, billing is carried out in prepaid mode via credit card and in US dollar currency. Your discount scale will depend on the amount of the first prepayment. You can later switch to a higher discount scale by making a correspondingly higher prepayment, but already deposited amounts cannot be credited. By prepaying by credit card and direct billing in US dollars, we can offer you particularly favourable conditions, as we do not have to take into account exchange rate risk or pre-financing costs.

Please click on the „GO!“-graphic after calling one of the links above to get information about the respective prices or to register. Please note that Comodo also offers these programs itself, but requires higher advance payments and in some cases the prices are significantly higher than those offered by us.

We are also happy to offer you team and gateway certificates and advise you in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of these special forms of S/MIME certificates.

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