Yes, we also offer a warranty on the respective SSL certificates, but we deliberately do not indicate this. Read on to find out why:

The respective security becomes effective when a Certificate Authority has issued a certificate, but later it turns out that the certificate holder has not been properly validated and its customers who trusted the certificate by trusting the certificate have lost money. In this case, the customer will receive the money lost up to the maximum amount of protection. Depending on the level of coverage, this can also be only a part of his loss.

If you take a closer look at this, a certain amount is determined in order to strengthen the trust of the customer of a certificate holder in a certain certificate, because the amount is only payed if the certification authority has made a mistake, but not if the certificate holder himself, for example, has fraudulent intentions. Strictly speaking, a certification authority „buys“ only the customer’s trust in its certificates.

If we were to enter the sums insured in our product table, apart from the many misinterpretations that are circulating, we would be greatly distorting the respective product characteristics and confusing most of our customers, because at Thawte, a subsidiary of VeriSign, we would have had to write down $0 for a long time on the market and arguably one of the most trustworthy, since Thawte does not have such an insurance. Thawte has already gained sufficient trust in the market and does not „need“ such protection, even with VeriSign itself you won’t find any statements about protection, you simply trust VeriSign. If you trust a certificate authority, it is also irrelevant whether the protection is $50, $2,500, $10,000 or $50,000, so we do not explicitly state these values either.

On request, we will be happy to send you the corresponding security for the product you have chosen, the certification authorities will also name them themselves on your web pages, but believe that you understand our reasoning and will therefore pay more attention to the essential product features such as the form of validation, browser coverage and availability of SiteSeals and TrustLogos.

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