Our multidomain-certificates allow you to secure up to 100 different domains with only one certificate. You first order 3 domains for a total of 89,- or 149,- EURO gross and can then easily add further domains for 29,- or 49,- EURO each (wildcard-certificate for 199,- or 299,- EURO each). A domain is also any variation of a domain, for example with or without a hyphen, with a different ending and any combination of subdomains. Multidomain certificates make it easier for hosting providers in particular to manage several SSL sites, since only a single certificate is required. In addition, current Apache and IIS versions, in contrast to the SSL-certificate standard, allow several SSL sites to be operated via one IP address if they use the same certificate. The product features of the multidomain certificates correspond to those of the Lite and Silver product lines.

Ordering method
You create a CSR for a domain (which is considered a primary domain), add it to our order form by clicking on Lite or Silver for 1 year at 15,- or 49,- EURO respectively, go through the ordering process and indicate in the remarks „Multidomain-Certificate“ and ALL(!) domains, which should be secured with it. After successful validation you will receive a multidomain certificate matching your private key.

You integrate the certificate into all secured domains like normal certificates, but can use the same IP address depending on the server software. Please note that, as with all Comodo certificates, the integration of intermediate certificates is required.

You can add further domains to the multidomain certificate during the term. You pay proportionately the duration from the date of issue until the end time of the certificate. Please note that the up to 90 days bonus period for additional domains must be billed in each case, i.e. if you order a multidomain certificate and add a domain one day later, you pay for this domain the actual remaining period, which is 1 year PLUS 89 days.

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