We offer a multi-level reseller program for Comodo certificates. You have the choice between the Webhost Reseller Program, where you can check your (usually hosting) customers yourself (and thus an exhibition in real time is possible), and the Reseller Program, where you receive ready-made forms for direct integration into your website. The verification of your (mostly foreign) customers is then carried out by the Comodo Group Ltd. and can take between 2-3 working days. An extension of your reseller status by the not selected reseller program is possible at any time after successful registration.

Both programs are billed using the prepaid method by credit card and in US dollars. Your discount scale is determined by the amount of the first advance payment. You can later switch to a higher discount scale by making a correspondingly higher advance payment, but amounts already paid in cannot be credited. By prepayment by credit card and direct billing in US dollars, we can offer you particularly favourable conditions, as we do not have to take exchange rate risk or pre-financing costs into account.

Please click on the „GO!“-graphic after clicking one of the above mentioned links to get information about the respective prices or to register. Please note that Comodo also offers reseller programs itself, but requires higher advance payments and in some cases the prices are significantly higher than the prices we offer.

We are also happy to offer you a reseller program via our customer forms or e-mail template, where you can resell all of our SSL certificates. You will receive a 10% discount on the current end customer prices. In order to participate in this reseller program, you must already have purchased 10 certificates from us and arrange a debit order with us. Unfortunately, unlike the Comodo reseller program, we cannot guarantee you 100% transparency, as our suppliers openly disclose some details of the issuing process to the certificate holder and these cannot be suppressed due to the respective issuing procedure of the respective certification bodies. You can also check your customers yourself in this program by sending us our authorisation exemption completely filled out and signed on your letterhead and a suitable proof of your company’s identity. You will find the necessary template on our website under Downloads. Admission to this reseller program is on request (please only after reaching the admission requirements) and not automatically upon reaching the certificate limit.

Alternatively, we offer you bulk programs together with GlobalSign and VeriSign for higher purchase quantities, each also connected with its own console and API interface. Please contact us regarding the possible conditions of the respective programs, we will be happy to advise you.

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